Mission Statement

Our mission here at QCFV is to promote the affirmation and inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Christian faith!

About us

 Queer Christian Family Values (QCFV) was founded in March 2018 by Alexander (Alex) Burchnell. He wanted a way to document his faith journey as an LGBT Christian. QCFV started out on Instagram with simple videos and pictures of Alex's transition and views on Christianity but quickly grew to what you see today. Now, QCFV is an outreach organization both virtually and local to the Johnson City, TN area. We are here to make a difference for those who are still holding onto or seeking Christ even when many churches tell them they are not welcome. Here you will find support, education, resources, Bible study, history, and so much more! We want to welcome you into the family and hope to see you in the comments! Have a great day! 

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Listen to our podcast from your phone, tablet, or computer. Here we answer listener's questions, cover tough topics, and have deep discussions with guests who join the show. 

LGBTQ At Risk Fundraiser

Help us in our mission to give back to our community? We donate binders, surgery aide, legal fees, housing payments, and much more to those in need.


We work with amazing designers to bring you unique apparel. All proceeds pay our artists as well as supports our ministry. Check out our store via the button below!

LGBTQ Christian Affirming Resources

Ever wonder what the Bible really says about LGBTQ+ relationships and identities?

Tricities Churches

Are you in the TriCities Tennessee area? Are you looking for a local LGBTQ+ affirming church? You came to the right place!

Tricities Affirming Organizations

Are you looking for an LGBTQ+ doctor? What about a therapist? Maybe a group to connect with? Then click the button below!

Transgender Resources

Are you looking for a one stop shop for your transition? Want to know the process to change your legal name? What about your gender marker? Maybe you are looking for surgery? Click the button below to get started!

Support Services

Are you looking for a local support group? Not sure where to start? Are you or someone you love struggling with addition? Click the button below!

Misc. Resources

Here you can find all the other resources we have that can help you navigate this crazy world. Here you will find anything from LGBTQ+ centered scholarships to much more.

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