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Queer Christian Family Values

Queer Christian Family ValuesQueer Christian Family Values

Our mission here at QCFV is to promote the affirmation and inclusion in the Christian faith!

About us

 Queer Christian Family Values (QCFV) was founded in March 2018 by Alexander (Alex) Burchnell. He wanted a way to document his faith journey as an LGBT Christian. QCFV started out on Instagram with simple videos and pictures of Alex's transition and views on Christianity but quickly grew to what you see today. Now, QCFV is an outreach organization both virtually and local to the Johnson City, TN area. We are here to make a difference for those who are still holding onto or seeking Christ even when many churches tell them they are not welcome. Here you will find support, education, resources, Bible study, history, and so much more! We want to welcome you into the family and hope to see you in the comments! Have a great day! 

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LGBTQ Christian Affirming Resources

Ever wonder what the Bible really says about LGBTQ+ relationships and identities?

Tricities Churches

Are you in the TriCities Tennessee area? Are you looking for a local LGBTQ+ affirming church? You came to the right place!

Tricities Affirming Businesses

Are you looking for an LGBTQ+ doctor? What about a therapist? Then click the button below!

Transgender Resources

Are you looking for a one stop shop for your transition? Want to know the process to change your legal name? What about your gender marker? Maybe you are looking for surgery? Click the button below to get started!

Support Services

Are you looking for a local support group? Not sure where to start? Are you or someone you love struggling with addition? Click the button below!

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Alex Burchnell


Owner & Operator

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Alex is a passionate about his faith as well as QCFV's mission. He is married to Chris Burchnell and together they have three cats who run their home.

Chris Burchnell



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Chris is married to Alex Burchnell. He is an avid gamer and plans to one day publish his own novel.

Bell Lehr


Partner Designer

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Belle is a  a young lesbian trying to spread the good word of self love. She is studying to be a graphic designer at Lynn University to hone her passion for art.  

Felix Uberbacher


Partner Designer & Writer

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Felix Uberbacher is a 22-year-old writer, musician, and artist. He's a native of East Tennessee and is currently working towards becoming a Hospital Chaplain. As a queer Catholic, his goal is to show the world that all queer people are made in the image of God.

Christine Fritzen


Partner Writer



C.F. is a math teacher in the northeast Ohio area. She enjoys reading, writing and drawing when she isn't playing games (video or tabletop) with friends and family. She has two dogs (a lab and a husky mix) and a partner who accepted her bisexuality before she did herself!

Josh Minnich


Partner Writer

Discord Moderator

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Josh is a bisexual man that grew up in the church. His goal is to make a better environment for kids growing up in the church, to help lead the church into better LGBTQ+ relationships, and create a better table top rpg environment for all.  He lives in NE Ohio with his partner, two trouble-making cats, and an adorable pomsky.

Desiree Raught


Partner Writer

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Desiree Raught is an award winning educator, writer, activist, and advocate for LGBT youth in Washington, DC. She has been named Educator of the Year by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and received the Next Generation Leadership Award by Metro Weekly Magazine for her efforts in supporting and leading LGBT youth. With a passion for LGBTQ advocacy in matters of spirituality, she has been featured on podcasts such as The Forbidden Apple and The Big Change of Heart. She is a member of The Table Church in Washington, DC where she teaches K-2nd grade Sunday school. 

Bri Hilow


Facebook Group Moderator

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Bri lives in Central Mass with her wife Steph and rescue cat Alpha.

She was baptized into the Christian faith in 2009.

In her spare time Bri enjoys reading and listening to music.

Bri's hope is to work with LGBTQ+ Christians to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to members of the LGBTQ+ community and to show that God loves everyone.



Discord Moderator

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Lucas is a young trans guy who happens to be both pansexual and on the ace spectrum. Lucas loves to worship the lord in any way possible, including playing music. 

Lily Powell


 Partner YouTube Host 



Lily is a Christian lesbian. Who wants peace for everyone on this earth. She believes we're all human despite religious beliefs, skin color, or orientation. 



 Discord Moderator

Spirit is a young artist currently working out of Atlanta, Georgia, and they hope to one day start a creative company! They are a queer demi-girl and they love to worship and follow God through music and art. They hope to learn how to follow and trust God to take them into the unknown, even when it is scary! 

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